Vancouver, eh!

So we've returned from almost a week in Vancouver, where we attended my cousin R. & B.'s wedding.  A predominantly Scottish celebration with no Filipino flavor at all other than the lechon served during dinner. The ceremony took place at the pavilion in Queen Elizabeth Park in downtown Vancouver, and the reception was at a golf club in far and away (I know, that was a film set in Ireland) Langley.  A cosmo, multiple glasses of champagne, and vodka cranberry cocktails all night long made for a most festive evening after a hectic day as a (last minute request, grunt) member of the bridal party.  I was happy to support my cousin J., R.'s sister, who was the matron of honor and had been 
stressed the past couple of months in last minute wedding planning. And it was lovely to reconnect with our Cadelina family members.   

From my Filipino/Chinese/American nephews, J. & C., in their kilts to the butterflies released at the end of the ceremony, A. & I were thankful to relax the rest of the week as we trekked along the seawall in Stanley Park and 
strolled along the English Bay.  A., Mom, & I definitely made the most of the city, visiting pretty much every nook & cranny by foot, bus, train and ferry.  We stayed in downtown Vancouver and ventured to the north, south, east, and west, including Gastown and Yaletown.  The best part was the fresh!fresh!fresh! seafood!  I tasted my share of oysters and loved them all . . . as well as kicking off my birthday month with cousin J. who shares my same birth date.  Happy birthday, J.

Our visit reaffirmed our desire to move to the west coast in the distant future.  Vancouver reminded us so much of Seattle.  The super clean air & streets as well as the laid back atmosphere lure us to a life that is manageable and enjoyable, especially with a child.  More than once, I had to pause and wonder -- Was it because we were on vacation?  Not at all. Folks work, but their lives aren't consumed by only work or rushing around to the next scheduled event.  Weekends are actually for relaxing, not bringing home more work.  In Jersey, A. & I struggle with our getting caught up in the rat race and pace of life, and we've no desire to raise a child in that atmosphere.  Sadly the East Coast, NJ/NY metro area, promotes that.  

What if . . . ?
We were serious about moving to Seattle some years ago and had even started connecting with a realtor to look at homes while I connected with others to scope out job opportunities.  A. wasn't ready then what with wanting to be involved in our nieces' and nephews' lives.  As they get older, they're moving on . . . and we just can't imagine continuing with our fast paced lives in Jersey. There's something about living outside of the NJ/NY metropolis.  A much more mellow way of being?  People are genuinely more pleasant, not pretentious.  As for diversity, it's not a big deal out there . . . extremely diverse but not enclave-ish.  More pluralistic.  So hopefully once our adoption has been finalized, we'll be able to seriously think about a move to Seattle, which is some years down the road yet . . . 

I had a chance to catch up via phone date/same coastal time with my dearest friend, A. (born and raised in JC), who moved to Seattle a decade ago and doesn't regret her decision at all.  We chatted a bit about how A. & I are pretty convinced that Seattle is in our future.  Everyone we know who has transplanted from NJ/NY/Philly area to Seattle (or the West Coast for that matter) has never returned . . . perhaps they ain't missing much?  Sure we'll miss family & friends.  But it's just a five-hour flight from coast to coast.  Life's too short to settle and wonder, What if . . . , eh?