The waiting game

The update is . . . there is no update quite yet.  Boo!  We sort of received an update regarding the status of our adoption dossier in the Philippines:

Children waiting to be matched
On the Philippines' end, there are fewer children available for matching right now.  This doesn’t reflect the number of children needing families, only the number of children cleared for intercountry adoption.  It seems that this is related to the implementation of a new law that moved the process of declaring a child abandoned from the judicial system to the Department of Social Welfare and Development’s (DSWD) administrative process.  As in many substantial government changes, it is taking some time to get the new process up and running.  The implementing rules and regulations for the law specify a time frame for DSWD to do their work and, at this point, that time frame is largely not met.  The Association of Child Caring Agencies of the Philippines (ACCAP) is working with DSWD to get the processing on track so that the children can be cleared for intercountry adoption.

Guess that's what happens when a new president comes into the picture.  

And so we continue to wait for our dossier to receive official ICAB approval, which is long overdue according to PSB's applicant timeline, so that we can finally be waiting for a match.

Gotta love the waiting game.    

Tickling tipples
Aw . . . Toot toot! . . . a special thank you to our good friends, E. & E. for sharing a charmed evening with us.  Happy anniversary, E. & E.  A. & I continue to enjoy our deepening friendship with you . . . makes both the frustrations of waiting and the (sometimes) sadness of August quite bearable.  To zingy tippling!