So I've been livid the past few days as we recently received a notice from our adoption agency that ICAB is requesting an additional employer referral for me.  An existing gap between my two most recent positions, I have to request a referral from NYU since they knew me beyond the past five-years.  Needless to say, A. & I were frustrated with PSB as they'd approved our dossier end of February and sent it to ICAB then.  The required employer referral that must account for beyond five years was an oversight.  PSB's mistake.  And ICAB should have asked for the extra referral in March when they also asked for additional information regarding A.'s health.  When I spoke with PSB, I tried to contain my anger, my blood boiling.  I knew expressing my madness was not the lasting impression I wanted to leave as an adoptive parent.  I just gotta do what I gotta do . . . get another employer referral.  So I contacted my old NYU colleague/friend, LCS, who agreed to write the letter.  An adoptive mom herself of two lovely girls, she sadly said this happens all the time with agencies.

Snafu.  (God bless everyone.)  Chaotically muddled situation.  We have been patiently waiting for formal approval of our dossier as PSB's timelines have indicated that approval occurs sometime between 3-5 months once it has been sent to ICAB.  We'd been hoping for an update by the end of June and were disappointed when we hadn't heard anything.  PSB has informed us that ICAB has been extremely slow with dossier approvals (no explanation provided by ICAB), and we are not the only family overdue for dossier approval.  

And so we wait.  Sna-FU!   

Mothers' wisdom & support
Thank you to A., an adoptive mom too, who encouraged me by writing --  "This is one of your labor pains if someone ever says you didn't have to experience any pain getting your child. 

And to my cousin, K., who introduced me to St. Clotilde, the patron saint of adopted children and parenthood.  

Love to the nurturing & compassionate women in my life.