Team SJ

A.'s first communal walk (ever) at Riverside Park (NYC) in support of our friend, E., and her rockstellar expertise in the world of hemophilia. E. is our constant reminder to respond to the community generously as she is one who inspires and does such heartening work in the healthcare industry. Thanks, E., for being such a rockstar!

Since Dad's passing, the summer months are always filled with mixed emotions. While I have fond memories of my Dad, I also experience not so happy ones as I recall how difficult the summer of 2008 was -- just two years ago.  And June is always the kickoff to a slew of family birthdays, wedding anniversaries as well as the end of Dad's cancer journey.  So a walk for a cause is a most welcome positive reaction to the anticipation of mournful reflection.

While we anticipated a walk in tremendous humidity, the train of tie-dyed cherry & blueberry slurpee-colored, walk-for-hemophilia t-shirts made for a most pleasant & festive stroll under the trees' shade.  The one-mile route proved to be enough, especially once E.L. made a run for the ice cream cart, a sure sign that his walk was complete . . . and well worth it!  

After our communal trek, we headed back home for our customary Pho Thanh Hoa meal, where we shared a Vietnamese feast, including our usual iced Viet coffees (slow drip with condensed milk), as well as hours-long, laughter-filled story-telling.  What was an ordinary collective march for a cause was also a tribute to our extraordinary experience with an easy & warm friendship. Thanks, E. & E. (A. & Mama G. too)!