Status update: Adoption in progress

Strange how so many facebook (fb) users update their statuses every minute.  Some just-found-out pregnant moms share their blessed news on fb before telling their partners.  Other proud dads-to-be immediately post their ultrasound photos as their profile pics. 

Me?  I struggle with whether or not to share, how much to share, how often to share any adoption/paper-in-waiting news with my closest family members and friends.  A. would say, It's none of their business.  Why do you need to share at all?  He's private that way.

Truthfully, I'd love to bask in the same pregnant glow and level of enthusiasm as other mamas-in-waiting.  Instead, sometimes we are met with underwhelming interest and ignorant assumptions about our choice to adopt.  And in those misinformed situations, A. may be right.

At the same time, I am grateful to have supportive close friends and family who -- without a doubt and with banners in hand -- will be our welcome wagon once we touch down at the airport and excitedly bounce out of the gate with the newest addition to our family.  I am thankful to be in our adoption process.  I strive to maintain a Buddhist outlook and appreciate the present moment.  No doubt it will be an amazing mama/papa/child event when we are finally face-to-face with a toddler of our very own.