Runner No. 159

Since the end of April, I'd prepared for My Run for My Dad. And it finally happened today.  I hadn't run a 5K since maybe ten years ago, & age has definitely caught up with me.  A. (& me too!) is so proud to say that I did it & finished in 40:30.81! I kept to my slow, even pace though found myself gasping a bit during the last mile as the humidity seemed to ramp up then.  I really am so thankful to A. for being so supportive as I can get pretty emotional reflecting on my memories of Dad.  Training for today has helped me tremendously to channel my grief productively, and I found myself less overwhelmed than I thought I would be by the end of the race . . . though on the drive to the park this morning, I had to keep myself from breaking out into a major bawl-fest.  Good thing my DD hot turbo and toasted multigrain bagel with salmon cream cheese kept me somewhat occupied.

It really is comforting to be supported by folks whether it's A., my husband, or our closest friends, E. and E.  Doing this run together fills me with heartful energy.  Thanks to P. and A.L. as my running partners, I thankfully didn't break too much to walk.  And to see my mother- and father-in-law at mile 2 with the videocam was a welcome sight as well as my sister-in-law, W., and niece, A., who cheered us on during the last leg of the race.  Sure it was Father's Day, but I also delight in the fact that the T. Tribe came out to support.

Perhaps the most unexpected moment of the day was my (randomly) assigned runner's number:   159 . . . which also happens to be my parents' house number. In addition, a small black moth floated by me for a couple of seconds right before we walked over to the starting point of the race.  The Chinese believe that a black moth symbolizes the soul of the departed returning to console the bereaved.

Thanks for running alongside me today, Dad.  Happy Father's Day.