Happy new year. From the big snow of December 2009 to Mom's 67th Jersey Boys celebration to our second home visit the day after New Year's. We just returned from our holiday in Kennesaw, GA last night and scheduled our visit with the social worker for this afternoon. Done. Still aiming to be in waiting mode by the end of this month.

Our time in Kennesaw with K. & T.'s family plus their kids, E. & M., turned out to be quite the trip. Auntie, Uncle & Mom drove down from CT to GA in one day . . . & we feasted! Our 2nd Annual Great American Smokeout -- smoked trout, smoked ribs, raspberry chicken & grilled steak (it's been a while since I've eaten that much meat!). . . & vegetables too, of course! Couldn't help but wonder, what is this going to be like when we throw an extra kid into the mix? And couldn't help think, another Christmas without Dad.

As my three-and-a-half year old niece and six-year-old nephew reminded me, it's all about being in the now. In her toddler-GA accent, E. constantly coaxed me, "Play with me, Auntie S. You be dah fairy godmoddahr."