Twin soul

Yesterday's first guided meditation --

I imagine my twin soul in a Higher Place accompanied by Dad.  We were to choose a family member who has passed on.  A cord connects from my heart to my twin soul's heart who just happens to be wearing the same clothes I'm wearing that morning -- jeans, orange embroidered blouse, black sweater & dark fuschia flats with star sparkles.  As I exhale chilling worries, they travel through the cord to my twin soul who returns my energy as a bright Light, and I inhale warm Love.  I inhale & exhale soothingly until the sound of the bell rings.  Ting!  

My three intentions have been set for the day's retreat.  One bead for each threaded onto a wire wrapped around my tall white candle.  A clear bead with a white swirly & a smaller green one embedded within it for healthy blessings.  A small periwinkle bead for meaningful purpose, a job please.  A flower-shaped blue bead for a child in waiting, so that we may be on the path to starting our own family.  And a fourth large, yellow & white striped bead with wired wings to represent myself.  It just called to me.

The candle sits next to a photo of Dad & me on my wedding day on our livingroom armoire and reminds me that Dad is at peace & is less than an arm length's away from my twin soul.