The Source: In Utero

I've been doing a good amount of reading to expand my understanding of women's fertility.  It's more than the ability to conceive and give life to another human being.  Sure, the way of the fertile soul can mean giving birth to a child.  But more encompassing, it means giving birth to the true self I, as a woman, want to be . . . living a life filled with passion, strength, joy  & adventure.  

I am blessed that I have had the opportunity to do so and have long been an advocate for doing the most difficult kind of work (not just trying to get pregnant!), that work within ourselves.  No doubt that parenthood has its challenges, but just as worthwhile are breaking through the challenges within.  It's not just about accomplishments, but also about growing a more healthful, thankful, fruitful & fun approach to life. We sometimes forget that because we get caught up in the . . . Are you married? How long have you been together?  What do you do? What does s/he do?  Where do you live?  How many kids do you have?  

I've been learning how the earthly elements of water, wood, earth, metal and fire correspond to our physical organs and energy within our bodies.  And those energies translate into our essence, soul & spirit, including the work we choose to do in the world, how centered we are, how we interact with others & how we treat ourselves . . . and ultimately the emergence of our higher selves (passion).  The work that we do within ourselves connects directly to accepting the present, so that we may be open to intending the future. 

The Source
lies deep within &
waits for the moment 
to begin

The Source
gives life &
creates healthful flow
to create

The Source
reflects fertile courage & 
intends blossoms
of abundance & treasure