I had the honor of attending the 10th Annual Women's Retreat hosted by the Holistic Healing Center of Red Bank (NJ) today.  It was a day-long event at the Unitarian Church, where I had the opportunity to learn about spirit guides, changing my energy frequencies and cleaning out my karma.  What I appreciated most was the opportunity to experience different kinds of guided meditation, something I've tried to become more disciplined about.  And I even won one of the door prizes, a 90-minute yoga therapy session valued at $125.  That's what I call good karma!

A couple of nights ago, I'd finally finished reading Rainbow Tribe: Ordinary People Journeying on the Red Road, the sequel to Mother Earth Spirituality which describes Native American teachings & how to apply them to contemporary living.  So my attendance at today's retreat fit in quite amazingly.  

My morning workshop, a guided meditation, presented me with a chance to meet my spirit guide who appeared in the natural form of rain accompanied by a peek of sunshine.  This Rain Goddess communicated a message of appreciating time & being at peace with Time.  My early afternoon session focused on the energies within our bodies and how we can emit positive forces through 'scripting' the now (a kind of writing therapy, I suppose) as there is no past and no future.  Very Tolle-esque, I thought. And my last offering enabled me to be in tune with all of my negative worries around being unemployed, childless and anxieties about Mom & A., and more importantly, how to let go of such anxieties with the support of focused breathing and integrative energy therapy.  The presence of angels doesn't hurt either! 

Might sound hokey to some folks?  But I left inspired, and it's just what I needed.  A community of women who are encouraged to heal themselves and are reminded to live with compassion, heart & strength. 

Goddess of Source,
Help me to transcend beyond the illusion of ego.  Help me to see the pure Light of Love & Truth, which is eternal & changeless. Bring forth from within -- Divine Peace.  Guide me to wholeness and leave my heart open because I am one with the Spirit.  Amen.