Opening new doors

Yesterday started with two missed calls on my cell phone. Not recognizing the 551 area code, I finally picked it up.

Mom's upstairs (pregnant) tenant parked in the driveway and accidentally left her car in neutral.  The car then went through the garage door. Fortunately, Mom's RAV4 in the garage wasn't damaged, but the garage door was.  $2,000 worth.  I located Mom's home insurance policy.  A lovely Manalapan resident, Ron the adjuster, came out promptly and walked me through the situation. The insurance company will cover the damage, including a brand new garage door and tracking system which will be reconnected to the automatic garage door opener.  And our upstairs tenants have graciously agreed to pay the deductible. What a day.  Al & I are realizing what a task it is to maintain three homes at once!

On a much better news front, a very dear friend of mine -- after 30+ hours of labor -- gave birth to her !third! son, 9 lbs, 6 oz.  No name just yet.  Her husband kept us posted minute-by-minute via twitter.com.  Seems to be the new thing!       

Congratulations, Erin & George.  To your third miracle.  Their oldest son, 8-year-old Theo, was so excited to go and see his new baby brother that he put his clothes on backwards!  And now 6-year-old Aram gets to be a big brother too.