Getting over it

I'm told . . . You never really get over any major loss such as the death of a loved one -- an (unborn) child, a parent.  You just try to move on.  You just hope that time helps you to move forward.   

I'd been having trouble trying to contact my Mom in the Philippines.   Apparently I had the wrong phone number, but now I have the right one. She seemed to be holding up okay.  Auntie Libing, Dad's sister, still doesn't know that Dad passed away.  She looks at my Mom, asking for my Dad.  And her family won't tell her that Dad died.  They have their reasons. 

I have been moving slow with each day.  And I've yet begun to move forward.  I know that time continues, and so must I.  But I've been taking my time.  To grieve.  I want to stop replaying the images of my Dad on his deathbed because I know that those were only a small part of his wonderful life.  His cancer was not the essence of who he was.  I pray that the year's turnover will bring peaceful and happy memories as well as new and meaningful career opportunities (for many).