Vamos a la domenica republica

We are off to our very good friend - Patrick's wedding in the Dominican Republic. Felicidades en tu matrimonio, Patricio y Joanna! [Al & Patrick have been best friends since their college days, so we are happy to join in his & Joanna's festivities this weekend.] Anxious about not being around for a few days, we've asked some of our family and friends to check in on Mom & Dad while we're away. Dad just had dialysis yesterday, gets a break today, and resumes dialysis again tomorrow. His dialysis schedule: Mondays/Wednesdays/Fridays for two-and-a-half to three hour sessions . . . with all kinds of specialist doctors' appointments in between. Sometimes Dad thinks (& acts like) he's a celebrity!

Thank you to everyone who calls, stops by for visits, and sends peaceful intentions. Nursing a sore throat for the past week, Mom is currently getting over some kind of bug. I think the day-to-day is making her feel a little run down, which causes me great concern. I am thankful that I will be working from home on Fridays beginning August so that I can give Mom some kind of a break. Off to the DR! Hasta luego.