Transfusion: (1) the act of pouring liquid from one vessel to another (2) the transfer of blood from one individual to another. 

Dad has been receiving a couple of blood transfusions since last week.  He just had another one yesterday.  Doctors say his hemoglobin is low.  Every now and again, Dad says some wacky things like --

(Even as the sun shines through the front window) "Leave the light on.  I want to see what heaven is going to be like."

"What kind of blood are they giving me?  Maybe Chinese.  If it's Korean, that's good too."  (Must be all of his daughter's years working as an educator in Asian American Studies.)

(To God) "Just take me now.  I'm tired."

It is those spontaneous comments that remind me just how wacky Dad is.  Thank goodness for his sense of humor which manages to pour itself from Dad's being into our hearts for all of us to appreciate and make light of the moment and feel just a little better. Transfusion.