Dialyses, transfusions, and grafts -- Oh my!

Seems like every time Dad goes in for hemodialysis, he's also going in for another blood transfusion.  Dad's hemoglobin has been low.  He had another blood transfusion today.  

He was scheduled to have a minor surgical procedure done this Thursday, July 31.  It's been postponed due to his low hemoglobin count. The procedure is supposed to create more direct and permanent dialysis access, an entranceway into Dad's bloodstream that lies beneath his skin and is easy to use. 

The two kinds of access portals are: 
- FISTULA -- joining an artery to a vein
- GRAFT -- a man-made tube made of plastic or other material that is inserted under the skin to connect an artery to a vein

The procedure is now scheduled for Thursday, August 7.  

Pinching his cheeks which are always a bit rosily flushed after dialysis and/or transfusion, Dad looks at himself in the mirror and asks, "When, when?"  He seems to be having more of those conversations when he thinks no one is looking. Or maybe he knows Someone is always watching and listening . . .