Tuned in

When I embark on the familiar path from a different entry point, it's as if I'm seeing the woods for the first time. It's the same path, and yet the trees and groundcover seem a bit changed. 

My feet hit the gravel and swelling tree roots, heel then toes, right foot, heel then toes, left foot, one in front of the other, as I try to clear my mind. I notice how the lake grass and woods hug the edge of the water. As I trek around the lake's bend, I bump into alternating scents of honeysuckle, pine, lakewater and tree oil. These are the essences of the woods that embrace me and have become my most treasured grace. 

I make sure to breathe in each tang that contributes to this wondrous bouquet. 

Honeysuckle. Lakewater. Pine. Tree oil. 

Breathe in . . . out. 

Pine. Tree oil. Lakewater. Honeysuckle. 

Breathe in . . . out. 

This natural lush succulence charms me, and I thankfully find myself a little changed too.