I ❤️ Ethel

You're my Ethel to my Lucy. Have been since we met the summer of 1985. Particular memories continue to pop up on facebook, especially during May, your birthday month. I continue to correspond with your folks as we share our memories of you with each other. So grateful to write letters back and forth just like when we were in college -- you at Euguene Lang, me at Rutgers. 

Our girl, Dev, is just about to start her desert road trip. I believe she's inherited your amazing free and creative spirit. Almost 26 years later (since you've had Dev), I find myself nurturing N.'s free and creative spirit too. When I mention Tita Ethel, N. asks many questions about you and our friendship. 

Happy birthday beyond the stars, my dear brave friend. Feel you everyday on my hikes where the sky touches the lake. You'll always be the Ethel to my Lucy.