Sunday's firsts.  At one month old, N. experienced her first sniff of the bay.  After being cooped up at home, the bay full of peanut bunker amidst a perfectly sunny sky brought me ecstasy.  Ah, the present.  

We introduced N. to our fave brunch spot, Lenora's, where she met Tia Lenora and Tio Jose. Having suspected something was wrong, Lenora wondered why we'd canceled my 40th birthday soiree last month.  Enchanted by N., she fawned over her new 'niece.'  We ordered our usual paninis - Tuscany for A. and Turkey and Chipotle for me.  

Since N. has been home the past two weeks, we've been sponge bathing her. In celebration of her one month birthday, N. had her first bath in the kitchen sink with the support of the Blooming Bath sunflower.  Quick and traumatic.  Hopefully, it'll get better.

Such simple firsts made my weekend.  I need nothing more but encounter life's abundance through the newborn senses of N.