Navigating the universe

In the midst of awaiting "Milagro's" arrival, I find myself pleading with the Universe, asking why the Universe presents us with certain challenges.

Adoption update: Spoke with our agency (PSB) today. In short, U.S. Immigration requires that we keep our paperwork (homestudies, criminal and medical clearances, financials) updated for the next three years to keep our dossier current and avoid a lapse.  Otherwise, if we don't - it'll be like starting completing over as if we never did any adoption paperwork at all.  This is very different from what we were told initially -- Go on hold after the baby's born, and three years from now, renew your paperwork when it's time to get back into it.  You will not have lost your place in the adoption process. 

Apparently, U.S. government bureaucracy rules. 

Of course, note that keeping our paperwork current requires all kinds of time, approvals, AND fees every 15 months for the next three years.  

This is where prayer and meditation come in handy.  In my deepest prayers, I offer gratitude for our life and reach out to the Universe with questions and petitions for help, patience and understanding as to why the adoption process is so wrought with red tape.  And in my meditation, I listen intently to the possibility of the Universe as it speaks for itself, responds to my questions, and sits with me in its silent way. 

thank you for this breath
thank you for this inhale
thank you for this exhale

thank you for the emotions
thank you for the joys, tears and sorrows
thank you for the richness

thank you for the abundance that is, the plenty that is given
thank you for the so many experiences 

thank you for the Life that thrives under my heart
thank you for the Life that flourishes within my heart
may we be peaceful and at ease
as we navigate the Universe