30 weeks

Heading into 30 weeks.  Still can't believe we've made it this far.  The anxiety is starting to overwhelm me.  As July rounds the corner, spinning plates are up in the air -- work deadlines, adoption immigration and homestudy updates, AND we're having a baby.

There.  I finally said it.  We're having a baby.  So different from -- We're waiting for the three-to-five-year-old who's been growing in our hearts for the past three years.  No doubt a preschooler has their own challenges.  As our home begins to fill with baby gear generously inherited from family members, the anticipation of an infant fills us with worry and joy simultaneously.

A. & I were blessed to celebrate our anniversary/babymoon last weekend at a most relaxing b&b down the shore at Avon.  Though much too short a getaway, we are thankful to have had the time to sit back, reflect, and enjoy tasty brunchfare oceanside on a wraparound porch in a most familiar location -- right next to A.'s favorite fishing jetty.

My morning strolls enveloped me in a quelled peacefulness as I waded mindfully in the ocean waves.  Nothing much matters except everyday miracles:  A., the man who is my love(R), the baby who continues to grow inside of me, the gift abroad whom we continue to wait for and who waits for us, & the Light that inspires us to . . . take a deep breath, & take in the moment.