Flutters, hiccups and kicks - oh my!

Earlier on, it felt like light layers of skin unfolding from deep within. Weeks later, flutters turned into occasional pokes.  More frequent pokes, I realize now, are hiccups.  And every so often I feel like our little "Milagro" (miracle) is aiming for a GOOOOOAAAALLLL!

I catch myself in the moment of trying to figure out if it's Milagro's elbow or knee I feel nudging under my breast as s/he stretches. I am awed that I can actually sense a tiny rump twist and turn, trying to find a comfortable position, just as I engage in a deep twist yoga/meditation practice. 

The sacredness of life
Sadly, we received word today that A.'s aunt died after almost seven years of living in a physically and mentally incapacitated state. A diabetic, she'd had open heart surgery and suffered multiple strokes thereafter leaving her bedridden and on a feeding tube.   Now she is finally at peace . . . and so is her family.

 I am reminded once again how sacred life is. As I revere the growing life inside of me, my wish for Tita L.'s soul . . . 
May she be in the tranquil presence of Spirit
May her open and generous heart live in others
May those around her know the light of her true nature
May they be transformed by her warmth