It's the eve of Mama's Day, and I feel abundantly blessed.  Blessed to have high quality women in my circle of confidantes who nurture me.  Blessed to have mothers in my family who provide wonderfully gracious examples of mamahood.  Blessed to be expecting children by adoption and birth.  Blessed to be on this journey with a most honorable man who accepts me for the woman that I am and the mama I hope to be.  

Whether a woman chooses to have children or not, the gift of supporting others (like a mother) seems to be instinctive.  My wish for the women who are blessings to others in their lives, for those who miss their mamas, and for those waiting to be mamas . . .  

just as Spirit drops a delicate touch of dew on a golden tulip
and paints dusk with a dazzling hue of lavender
may Spirit delight your heart every day
that you are cherished by those around you

And on the eve of Mama's Day, my most treasured experience so far?  Though "Milagro" has been wigglin' around for some time now, this morning I felt its first strong kick!  Indeed I am blessed.