Under Spring's trestle

Lambertville (NJ) is our mid-point meeting place with an old college friend of mine, C., who lives in Philadelphia.  C., A., & I enjoyed a sunny, spring picnic along the Delaware River this past weekend.  We feasted on fresh bread, feta, garden tomatoes, crisp carrots and celery, homemade hummus, plump strawberries, sweet-tart apples, and baklava. Basking in the sun, we neglected to break out the bottle of wine!  I've mentioned before how fond I am of the Stars Hollow lookalike of a town.  Something about the quaintness of the locale speaks to my spirit and is a source of replenishment for my soul. 

After a year of unemployment, A. starts his new position tomorrow.  Thank you, Spirit!  We are ever so thankful that we survived this past year (especially on my modest salary as one who works in the nonprofit industry).  Things do work out the way they're supposed to . . . and that's the mantra A. & I have continued to recite -- through his medical episodes, through my dad's death, and through our journey to our child.  (I may need more disciplined practice in the mantra to work through some family dysfunction.)

Spring is nature's way of urging us, "Experience rebirth!"  It is also life's bridge to renewal and hope for all that may not seem right in the world or in our families.  My wish for you, dearest reader -- May you always connect to the Source and to what is true.  May the river's rush hush your worries.  Happy spring.