Into memory

on the pier out in the sun
waiting for regulation fluke
summer's bay breeze whispers,
don't forget the clam strips!

As A. has begun his new position with IEEE, we continue to discuss our future as we work on requesting an extension to our immigration application for our waiting child.  To flee from the  East Coast or not?  For some reason, we are drawn to Seattle.  With A. working close to home, the mindshift without the commute into the city is incredible.  Definitely not as stressful.  And Jersey certainly does have its gems -- like the Keyport Fishery.  As with most weekends, we enjoyed hanging leisurely on the pier, where A. is known to fishermen locals as "The Fluke Guy."  While most are trying to figure out how to catch fluke, A. is throwing them back in because they're not regulation size!

A. doesn't express much his longing for our waiting child (though he assures me that it doesn't mean he's not excited! just cautiously more reserved than I) while I am constantly banking in mind memories to be made with our child at our Jersey gems.  The pier, the fishery, paths to be hiked, ocean waves to be jumped, bbqs to be grilled with our closest friends and family . . .

Summer's here.

We celebrated our dearest friend E.'s birthday this past Sunday and are most thankful for her loving presence in our lives!  To our deepening friendship & laughterful memories.  Also, heartful blessings to the R. family -- Tito F., one of my Dad's buddies, died three years ago on Memorial Day weekend (and Dad the following Labor Day weekend).