Winter's dreams

I had my annual physical this past week, and I was in tears.  My PCP adopted a 10-year-old girl from China a year ago and shared photos with me.  Sweet photos.  She'd grown so much since when she first arrived compared to her most recent school photo.  Last I'd seen Dr. F., she was waiting for the green light to pick up her daughter.  Five years since she and her husband had started the adoption process, Dr. F. shared with me how since I. has been with them, she's told them she thought she would never be adopted and was so excited to learn that she was going to make it out of the orphanage.  I. would ask her caregivers, What if I'm never adopted?  I.'s thriving in her new NYC home and was eager to leave behind China and all that was Chinese. She has had some surgery on her cleft palate and will have dental surgeries for the next eight years before her mouth is just right.  (Good thing her folks are doctors!)  As I looked at her photos, I couldn't help but be so happy for Dr. F. and her family.  Every child is a blessing. 

Winter's dreams
2010 comes to an end
our journey to you began long before
one year and four months ago 
paperwork completed
dossier submitted
winter here
tropical Christmastime there
birthdays and holidays sled past us
as dreams of you summer us 
in blanketed patience 
after nocturnal snowfall