Birthday misses

We celebrated Mom's 68th birthday this past Wednesday.  Got tickets to the show, RAIN: Tribute to the Beatles and afterwards dinner at The Palm.  The show was amazing as it took us back in time -- the feel of psychedelic drugs, peace and love along the background of Beatles music hits.  Last year, we watched Jersey Boys.  Seems to be our new tradition -- a show and dinner. 

As we settled into dinner, I noticed Mom's eyes tearing up.  I didn't say anything as I hate when others notice that I'm overwhelmed and just need the moment to pass.  I suspect maybe Mom (we) missed Dad . . . Mom's third birthday celebration without Dad since he threw her a surprise party in 2007.

The Christmas holidays were uneventful which I suppose isn't so terrible.  Visits from M. (CA) and K. and family (GA) were most welcome, and we had the usual familial fare on A.'s side.  No surprises.  Even more apparent this wishing/missing season is our anticipation of picking up our pre-schooler from the Philippines so that s/he will be included in our family festivities, and we can create new traditions.  

Our biggest wish?  Hoping we get our child match early in the new year! 

Rounding the corner to 2011
I am so proud of A., who has been super disciplined at reaching his optimal health.  So much so that he's been able to do away with one of his meds (with the doctor's approval, of course).  And maybe one day, he won't have to be on any meds.  A. continues his focus on losing weight healthfully in addition to his mindful eating and exercise regimen.  A positive habit he will definitely be able to pass along to our child.  With A. in a healthier groove, he inspires me to keep working on a more thoughtful life pattern. 

Sun bathing in winter
snow dunes sun bathe
outside my livingroom window
Sun knocks through the saffron shades
as i listen in cozy reflection
and see myself in the Light