Everything reminds me of you

This photo was taken at K. & T.'s wedding rehearsal dinner -- maybe nine years ago? Lately I find myself looking at my reflection and realizing while I'm probably a good combination of my Mom & Dad, I take a long stare and am amazed at how much I look like my Dad. A fan of sending photos via phone messages, every time I send one over to my niece & nephew, E. & M., in GA, I take a moment . . . Wow, I really do look like Dad sometimes. Ay ee ya yay . . . everything reminds me of you, Dad.

Peace of today's falling rain to all those who experienced 9/11 and know individuals who gave up their precious lives in acts of the kindest humanity and most generous freedom. I recall very clearly what that day was like for me. Despite the hole in the WTC, I boarded the PATH train at the Grove Street station and was met with hysterical NYU students in Washington Square Park. That sinking heart feeling stayed with me as did the gaseous smell of chemicals and dead pigeons throughout the city. I ended up stranded in upper Manhattan, Inwood, with friends that evening and wasn't able to make contact with my folks until late 11pm. I will remember how I absolutely just had to read every obituary that came across the NY Times for months and months and months. I will remember how I, along with some friends, walked down to Exchange Place to volunteer with the Red Cross . . . and heard that there was no need for body bags because people had been basically cremated in the explosion across the Hudson River. I will remember to honor all those friends and family members who experience grief today on 9/11 and can move on courageously and comforted by heartful memories.