Sometimes my feet smell like . . . vinegar!

I spent yesterday afternoon with my old friend, Vinegar.  It had been a while since we'd reconnected.  

There's something cleansing about Vinegar.  I love using it to give the kitchen and bathrooms a good rubdown.  Maybe it's the way Vinegar smells -- pungent yet soothing.  Or maybe because Vinegar's colorless yet powerful.  As strong as Vinegar is, you'd think it would be carbonated.  But its strong silence without the bubbles somehow brings peace to the mundane task of housework.   

Oh, Vinegar!  So tasty with lumpia, crispy pata, any fried fish and bulaklak.  Oh, Vinegar!  Just the right portion will make or break homemade sinigang.

And when I was younger, my summer feet (because I detested wearing socks) sometimes wafted in an odiferous but unique combination of vinegar and popcorn.  I inhaled it for hours and loved it.  Mom didn't!