the gray 
washes over me and over my doorstep
as i walk drunkenly into the snowfall
into the eve of a promising sunburst
graceful hope
showers me with life's tears 
heaving the gray away

A new blog in the family
p.s. Al's new blog may give you a tickle or two.  Check it out:  Fear, Faith & Fortune.

Love - All
This past weekend, Al & I were finally able to take two of the five couples tennis lessons he gave me for my birthday in August. Being my uncoordinated, unathletic, non-sports oriented self, I absolutely dreaded any possibility of any tennis instructor losing yelling at me.  After two lessons, my entire body ached, mostly my big ol' butt.  I'm reminded that I actually have muscles there!  I surprisingly enjoyed myself, and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be.  Both instructor Crystalle (a French tennis pro) and Al, who already plays tennis, were so patient with me.  Al has been gracious enough in the past to entertain my limited tennis skills. Now that I have the fundamentals, maybe we'll be able to have close to a real game going once the weather warms up.  It feels good to be able to share in an activity that Al especially enjoys. Tennis anyone?    

Dad tried to teach me how to play tennis when I was 11.  I loved/hated getting up at 6am on the weekends to spend an hour hitting against the wall in Lincoln Park and then heading to the courts afterwards for another hour.  I was terrible.  But Dad was eager to teach me how to play.  I suppose I wanted to spend that time with Dad knowing that tennis was something he loved to do, so I could at least try to love it too.  At that time, Dad would constantly say to me, "If only you were a boy . . . you could be a great tennis player." But I wasn't a boy.  Hope Dad didn't mind too much.