Wonky weather

The weather down here in nothern Virginia has been pretty wonky. One moment spring sun, the next a wintry mix. Call it climate change, call it global warming. Either way, our county seems to be going for a record breaking no full week of school since the new year what with two-hour delays, snow days and professional work days. 

And when my 6.5-year-old happens to catch a rainbow like she did last weekend, it's an impromptu moment of prayer. A doorway into a mindful moment when I throw a couple of words together, just a simple thank you . . .

i pay attention, 
warm winter Rain. 
you may approach early, 
in the Mist, 
she tells me, oh look up!
there you are, 
a Rainbow's surprise. 
and for an instant, 
i listen to Her silent voice.