Mindful coffee

I decided to unwind at our local Gathering Grounds cafe while N. was in Space/Music Quest camp for the half day. Early and quiet enough with the bustle of Braddock Road in the background, the outdoor University Mall sits across from George Mason University. Not exactly rustic, but also not New York City. Unexpectedly I plopped myself down in meditation. With my coffee. 

Three deep breaths. Listen to the sounds around me. Take a sip, taste the boldness. Sit and breathe. Move my tongue. What's the after taste like? Still robust? 

Three deep breaths. Feel where I'm sitting. Comfortable chair, firm ground? What else is happening around me? Feel a breeze? Feel the sunshine? Hear the birds chirping? Notice the tiny flowers on the sapling tree?

Take another sip. As I swallow, really taste the coffee. Smile ever so slightly. Be thankful for who grew, who picked the coffee beans, who brewed the coffee. 

Three deep breaths. In gratitude for my cup of coffee. 

I set an intention for the day . . . May I be more aware of my gift of taste and for those who prepare delectable treats from farm to table.