Good girls revolt

So thankful to have marched in DC alongside almost half a million individuals who care about their families, each other's families. A dear friend and I perched ourselves on a rusted metal scaffolding for most of the time. High enough to see all of the mall covered in a sea of pink and creative signage -- standing room only. Except for the one creepy man with beady eyes hidden behind a ski mask and wearing a black backpack which was against the rules, whom I tried not to freak out about and wanted to alert a marshal amongst marchers unable to progress because the entire route was completely filled, I took it all in . . . 

ocean swells of fandango, 
passion fruit, primrose, raspberry,
punch, rouge, & shocking blossom
womyn, men, woke children, youngfolk, & sages
blessed to don the pussycrown 
handmade by a seattle sister
to share this herstory
with a fellow villager 
we channel past suffragists
with future sisters, brothers, & citizen warriors
in resistance
in revolution
in love
electrifying mass movement
around the world
kinetically charged
action required
high voltage