Be in each other's light

The holidays are upon us, and this year we've decided to lay low and enjoy the festivities without the crazy travel. These holidays are our first in our new home, and we want to take the time to cherish them. 

To our delight, we shared in two family visits back-to-back prior to Thanksgiving. Our pre-holiday celebrations allowed us to take the time to sit around the dining table, mulled cider candle lit, and catch up without all of the hooha. It was intimate enough to see and listen to each other while the kids had their run of the house, rocking out to their cousinly beats or toasting jumbo marshmallows in the fireplace. 

Amidst comfortable bedding and feast preparation and ensuring everyone has what they need for a successful visit, taking the time can get lost. 

Take the time. 

My cousin (whom I love like a sister) and I don't see each other regularly enough. She was hell bent on taking the time to share in partner yoga, and our daughters enthusiastically joined us too. My four-year-old cheered, Girls' Day! We took the time to share in each other, to honor our time together. 

That's what taking the time is, to be in each other's light. 

Our family visitors returned home, and the jangle dwindled to an exhausted slumber.

On a usual run through my personal Walden, I happened upon an older man who walked gingerly, thoughtfully. My run stalled to a walk. A rosary dangled from his right hand as his fingers grasped the black beads ever so humbly. These woods were his church too. I was thankful to have stumbled upon this devout churchgoer and his graceful light. 

May you treasure the rest of the holiday season and bask in the band of your loved ones.