Prayers for peace

I am so thankful to have attended the National Kids Yoga Conference last weekend. It was an opportunity to recharge and be in the presence of some inspiring folks who sing and breathe their way into more mindful being. In light of what is going on the world, it's most moving when people choose love instead of fear

If more people greeted each other with authentic intention, perhaps our world would be less of a vast mystery and instead a more magnificent magnum of respect and tenderness. 

During my yoga retreat, teacher Kira Willey led us in song,
may we breathe in light, breathe out love
may we breathe in hope, breathe out joy
may we breathe in peace, breathe out kindness

May we pray . . . for Paris, Syria, Beirut, Baghdad, Ferguson, Mizzou, Claremont, Ithaca, Yale, Spring Valley, Kenya, Palestine, Ayotzinapa . . . & so many others in our world that is smaller than we make it out to be . . . (it's a small world after all, isn't it?)

wishes for hearts to grow as wide as the sky
wishes for hands to hold others' 
in courage and in dignity
with reverent light as brilliant as breaking dawn