A peaceful new year

Every night before bed, N. and I have been praying . . . May the world be filled with loving kindness, may the world be peaceful and at ease, may the world be well, may the world be happy . . . & so too our family and friends. 

During the morning hours, I'll attempt to meditate with whatever meditation master is currently on the Veria channel. N. will give a little squeeze, take a deep breath, and let it go (just like Daniel Tiger teaches her). Seconds later, she'll plop herself in my cross-legged lap and continue some seconds more with deep breaths. Meditation over. For now. 

Despite the winter freeze, there's something warm about bringing a bucket of cold in and adding droplets of food coloring to make snow art as my almost 17-month-old delights in touching the multi-colored shaved ice.  

Sorry, honey, we're not in Hawaii. But let's continue to learn together. 

Our hearts aglow, we make our new year's intention:
May we be inspired, may our hearts sing in appreciation of every breath, may we be tolerant, joyful & loving . . . & so too our family and friends.