Time in (for me)

Various concerns race though my mind daily. Did N. eat enough? How can I get N. to drink more from her sippy cup? How can I support A. better? How can I make time to work on my resume to secure a part-time online teaching position? How can I be more positive toward the upcoming holiday events? Why am I so damn crabby when I'm PMS-ing? 

I desperately needed a time out. So in the midst of Electra, flurries afloat, I took a walk outside. No one else was out. A most welcome retreat from my constant worries, I stepped on the thin blanket of snow that would become a winter wonderland.

I headed on my usual path . . . down our street, up the hill past the homes always appropriately decorated for whatever holiday it happens to be . . . a mindful stroll overlooking the marshlands that hug the GSP. 

With each step, the wind blew. With each step, a tad bit brisk than the second before, the wind biting me to chill out. With each step, a less harried energy took over. No sun to make the snow glisten, but I tune in. With each step, just heathered stillness.