Pop goes the . . .

For weeks, I've been obsessing about cake pops, researching various easy bake recipes - originally wondering if I could make them with a Star Wars theme in mind for my nephew's upcoming fifth birthday. Sadly, much too complicated for me - that is, the Star Wars head pops. Instead I decide to treat myself to a couple of pops. On the hunt for cake pops, we went. 

Coffee in my left, pop in my right alternating with pen in hand. 

Napping in her carseat as we're out and about, N.'s eyes open ever so slowly to the background sound of javagoers' voices. On our errand run earlier, an elderly woman commented, "Hi, baby. Oh, big eyes!"

Big, bright, brown eyes. 

Yummy love
oh, my chocolate bonbon!

her golden, morena skin
whose touch i never imagined
my cheek against hers

she, a collaborative confection,
between my darling and me
she is our yummy love
like a long craved cake pop!
round and brown
my life's delectable treat
oh, how divine!