2013 - Year of what?

Inspired by New Year's Meditation with C.

2013.  Year of what? For some it's the year of the snake. For others, it's the year of what's to come - new loves, new relationships, new careers, new ways of being. O sweet breath! I don't ever stop listening to my almost five-month-old's or my husband's breathing.  I'm constantly making sure that they are breathing when they are asleep, breathing fine when they are awake.  O sweet breath! They are part of my heart's Light.

Then there's the other breath.  To take a moment to breathe in, to refresh. 2013.  Year of what?  A new year seems to always be an opportunity to start anew.  Mull over our downs and ups and appreciate our growth in the past year.  (Forget who did what to us or what we did to others and move on.  Stop beating ourselves up for what didn't happen exactly as we would have liked.)  Appreciate how we can evolve in the upcoming year.  (Not let fear of the unknown overwhelm us.)  Make a commitment to follow our hearts.  

But what does that mean?    

Sit for a moment.  And just be.  Listen to our Spirit guide.  Maybe through intention, meditation, prayer. Or any combination. Do allow ourselves a sweet breath.  O sweet breath!  

My new year's wish for you?  Be graced.

A family friend, C., was generous enough to gift this new year's meditation, a most soothing mindful moment.  I'd love to share it with you - New Year's Meditation with C. (For more information, please visit C. at www.solazzare.com.)