I know I married the right man. A. & I have been through a number of crises in our last nine years together, and he never fails to impress me.  We only stayed with my brother-in-law and his family for a night, and while we are used to spending time with them, watching A. & E. in action during Frankenstorm Sandy made me thankful yet again to have married into the T. family.  I witnessed A. & E.’s protective nature, and it moves me.  

(As a new at-home mama who is fortunate enough to have stopped working outside of the home temporarily, I am fully aware that A. & E. make tremendous efforts to be working dads.  Perhaps we don't credit men enough and their ability to withstand pressures to be employed full-time as well as staunchly involved in their family life.)

Despite our immediate family needs and busy schedules, A. & E. are there for each other, for their families safeguarding and providing.  Chopping down tree branches and gathering twigs for the fireplace, marinating meats and firing up the grill, accompanying each other on a  Home Depot/Walmart run to pick up extra survival gear . . . The T. men are mighty and solid.

It’s not the getting together for birthdays or holidays that mean the most.  It’s the two- or three-hour-long conversations munching around the kitchen table catching up with our nieces and nephew, my brother- and sister-in –law . . . exploring our oldest niece’s college options, learning how our younger niece’s first year of high school fares or what newest creative endeavor our nephew is up to.  Or knowing that I have little fret about leaving N. in E. & W.'s care.  It’s sharing our coming of age experiences with the kids and our new parental /life anxieties with E. and W. Those connections don’t always come easily in families, and I am blessed that we can relate and truly reveal ourselves to E. and W. and that they can (hopefully) do so with us.

Amazing how dire circumstances pointedly remind us what’s most important.  With an almost three-month-old in tow, whom I continue to be in awe of and daily still can’t believe she’s ours, I am overwhelmed by the gift of our Present.  Graced to be alive.  Grateful to share my heart with my partner, my daughter, family and friends. 

Post Sandy, carry on.  Seek Spirit.  Be rooted.