Lessons from the ospreys

Every day, A. & I turn on the osprey cam at Island Beach State Park.  (Do take a peek when you have a chance!)  With mediation music in the background, we watch as the female and male ospreys chat together, support each other and wait for their three eggs to hatch.  While A. & I certainly aren't waiting for three (just two at the moment), we are fascinated as we witness Nature's family dynamics.  I'm not an avid bird watcher. In fact, I usually detest the presence of birds having been absolutely horrified when I was younger and first watched Hitchcock's thriller, The Birds

Interesting how family ways infiltrate our lives. This past weekend, we had the pleasure of celebrating our niece, A.'s confimation, as well as spend most of Saturday enjoying a spring picnic along Passion Puddle with old college friends & their children at our alma mater (Rutgers University).  What I value most about authentic family time is that it's not supposed to be uncomfortable, insulting, or feel like an absolute obligation.  Certainly there are times we must oblige, but for the most part, obligation is unnecessary in a life where there's not enough time to experience all we'd like to in the world.  Moments pass much too quickly.  And when we've had the opportunity to be near death or witness the sacredness of a loved one's very last breath, the truth is -- Our time is precious, so why spend it doing things we really don't want to do?  

A warmest thank you to E., W., E., G., & C. for our time well spent this weekend.  To more family memories.