Waiting for an angel

We have been waiting for quite some time (since we began our adoption journey in August 2009) for a child to be gifted into our lives, and I truly believe that every child - birth, foster, or adopted - is a miracle.  As we wait patiently for the universe to bring us a (hopefully) healthy as possible child, I can't help but think about the time and emotion we've invested, envisioning what our child will look like, be like . . . Almost three years later, most of that time has passed eventfully with every form completed, every homestudy updated, every service fee paid up to date.  In my heart, my affection for my unknown child has grown more deeply with each passing day.  With every non-update from our agency, my heart has ached just a little more as we have continued to wait.  One day at a time.  We continue to hope that life has a way of working itself outNot much we have control over 

Waiting for an angel
trust in the Spirit
faith in Life's timing 
sits with us in each moment
. . . 
and each twinkle
brings us closer to 
our long anticipated celebration