Staying connected

Last Sunday, we had the treat of visit with cousin V. and her family in Congers (NY).  Our gathering was past due what with recovery from the holidays.  We enjoyed a lovely brunch spread complete with two kinds of eggs, warmly fresh bagels & lox spread, homemade salad, & tilapia, care of V. and husband A., and took the time to reconnect.  Even more fun was playing hide & seek with 3-year-old A. and 1.5-year-old M. as well as witnessing their adeptness at working their personal itouch devices!  A. & I walked away with a heartfelt gratitude for V. and family and our effort to stay involved in each other's lives.  In our hours-long conversation, we understood how similar A.'s experience of not having grown up with his parents having been raised by his grandma in the Philippines had been similar to V. and her brother, A.'s years of not seeing their father, who left Brazil to create a better financial life in the States.  That shared experience creates a unique attachment between cousins.  A little wine & champagne along with laughter doesn't hurt either.

"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family." 
No matter how crazy schedules are with kids' activities, work and other obligations, make the time to authentically connect with friends and family.  Those true and raw moments of honesty go a long way in feeling deep centeredness.