Still afloat

Adoption update: Still waiting.  In addition to having requested an extension to our immigration application as we continue to wait for our child match, we now have to redo our USCIS fingerprints (because our documents are more than a year old). For me, that's a challenge as my fingerprints seem to be unreadable.  USCIS says I must work too hard, that my fingers are worn out which is why my prints are unsuccessful.  More frustrating than amusingly comforting.  If my fingerprints don't show up once again, I'll have to yet again chase down criminal background clearances and pay additional fees.  Oh joy! In the meantime, we continue to appreciate our time B.C. (Before Child).  

At work, my pregnant colleague, M., glows more expectantly with every passing week.  I am genuinely excited for her (it's her first) and remind myself that choice along with Fate has brought us on our adoption journey.  Friends and family post their newborn snapshots competing for Gerber's attention or share snippets of their talented toddlers, the next American Idols, on facebook.  We'll get wind of cousins' kids' parties in which we weren't included (perhaps because we are currently childless), and yet we receive invites to family friends' little ones' milestone birthdays.  

When I least expect, thoughts of patiently waiting for someone to die float past thoughts of patiently waiting for someone to join (or be born into) our family.

And I chant encouragingly, Appreciate our time B.C.

Floating with July
mid-morning Lenora greets us 
with her usual homemade brunchfare  
Como esta?  How are you?
my poached eggs chuckle bright-eyed
as they lay against their buttered wheat blanket
after dropping in on Lenora y familia
we head over with gear in hand
to visit with Saturday's Sun
She welcomes us graciously 
as we sit for a spell on her berth
and chat about Future's fancies
Her weekly company inspires us --
to be charmed 
like the baby snapper 
who grabs onto the tiny squidbait 
at the end of my pole 
to be Sunstruck
like the exact instant 
captured in a moment's photo