Running the distance

Adoption:  We filed our first extension for our immigration application which expires in three days.  This time, no fee.  Anniversary:  A. & I celebrated our sixth one.  Still happily married.  Annual run:  The 2011 Run for Dad to support prostate cancer research seems to be making its way among our family traditions.  Still new to running, I'm appreciating how running the distance has its role in more than one area of my life.  

By this August, we will have been on our adoption journey for two years.  It will have been eight years since A. & I first met.  And in the same month, Dad will have been gone for three years.  How do we remain inspired enough to "dig deep" through what seems like the longest stretches of endurance?  

Wondrous healing
the genius of a child, my niece,
who is not fully mine
a partner's respectful love
moves me 
to feel beautiful
almost divine