Lady in waiting

I was pleasantly surprised to learn this afternoon that our dossier was finally shipped to the Philippines.  The last few weeks were a bit frustrating having to go after some paperwork that we'd confirmed was already completed. After verifying and re-verifying information that we'd clarified a while ago and had initially asked questions about to make sure that we wouldn't have to re-verify things . . . I suppose things don't always happen the way you want them to, and things certainly aren't always as easy as we'd like.  Good training for parenthood, I guess.

YES! . . . We are finally entering waiting mode, the next leg of our adoption journey.  Of course, now we're waiting for word that Mr. R. has received our file in the Philippines so that he can turn it over to the Inter-Country Adoption Board (ICAB).  And then we'll wait for word that ICAB is reviewing our file.  And THEN we'll wait to be pre-matched, so that we can wait for our official match . . . The waiting will go on and on for a while.  

Strangely enough, I wasn't howling with excitement when I received D.'s email from PSB.  My heart did a little flip, and that was it.  When I shared with A. the news, he was reserved and said, Well that's to be expected.  I asked him, Aren't you excited?  No doubt he is.  He's just so practical and logical when it comes to letting the process happen.

When I look at the stars in a winter night's sky, I know that my dad is somehow involved in this process.   I'm just thankful to be a lady in waiting.