See the sun

Thank you so much for your prayers & love that support us at this time.  I have no doubt that your peaceful intentions keep us patiently sane.  

It feels like Dad has begun to enter the next phase of his journey.  Having lost some of his speech ability recently (in addition to not being able to see or hear well), he has been communicating less.  He complains of a sore throat and the inability to feel his tongue.  When we first discovered that Dad's speech slurred, Dad asked why did his voice sound different.  

With our encouragement, Mom has been using the Comfort Kit more frequently as Dad has been in considerable pain, more restless and more confused as the days go on.  Though we do appreciate his moments of extreme alertness too.  

The combination of morphine, fentanyl, and ABR patches seems to provide around-the-clock relief to Dad who has also been experiencing more noticeable chest pain. This morning, he requested cold air, so we attached the oxygen tubing for a short while.

I thought experiencing my husband's quadruple heart bypass almost two years ago was difficult. Experiencing my mother's guilt and devotion as well as my father's inevitable passing leaves me seeking comfort from a peaceful Spirit.  

This past Sunday a good friend, Patrick, and I shared with Dad that the sun was out, and it was a beautiful day to play tennis or golf.  Dad threw his arm in the air to demonstrate his backhand followed by his golf swing.  

"I would like to see the sun," he said.

Go see the sun, Dad.