Re-defining success

It used to be about having it all -- a career and a family. It's 2005, and we, women, are empowering ourselves to re-define success. It doesn't have to be about creating a perfect balance between a career and a family and doing it all. Faced with the difficult of having to make a choice, we have had to choose either a career OR a family. But it's not even about that anymore. It's about being happy, being content, being spiritually okay with who we are. And by okay, I mean that we don't have to put up a front that everything's fine. We have a job, we have a nice apartment, we eat out every so often. What could be wrong?

But all feels awful when I'm not happy at my job and not doing what I really want to be doing. That's when I need to check myself and re-define, re-claim my success. I am a very self-aware woman who appreciates her alone-time, her time with her friends, and her time with her husband. I enjoy writing and know that I need to devote more time to it. I also enjoy working with youth and buildling communities with them. That in itself is my success. I don't need a lofty title or a huge salary. I know that I make a pretty tasty salad, & I know that I watch out for my loved ones. That is success. I have worked hard to work through my issues around my family and my brother's autism, and that's why I can be happy with my new marriage right now. That is success. I know that I take the time to listen and be with my friends, to support them in honest, strong, and bold ways. That is success. I know that I'm working to make a career transition and focus solely on empowering girls and women. This is my success . . . right now.

Can it be all that? Because I am all that.